The questions you ask are more important than the things you could ever say.

Thomas Freese

Are you confident in your home sales pipeline?

It goes without saying that the purchase of a home is likely the largest expense a consumer will have in their lifetime.

As a salesperson, whether you’re selling a new home, a car, insurance, or widgets, basic sales principles always apply.

Sales are made by gaining the trust and confidence of the buyer.

This is accomplished by demonstrating an expertise of your product and by asking meaningful, actionable, questions.

Like all other sales, home sales are still sales.

During an interview with a potential buyer, a salesperson would likely ask:

  • What’s your budget?
  • Where do you want to live?
  • Is your decision weighted by the proximity to you work and/or children’s school?
  • How large is your family?
  • How many bedrooms, bathrooms, garage spaces, do you need?
  • What other considerations are important to your decision?

Every given answer is an influencer to the buyers decision to purchase a home. It's then up to the salesperson on what to do with them.

There is likely a “procedure” that your organization already follows.

You may have marketing collateral readily available – option manuals, floor plans, and documents covering every topic imaginable. You may have regular seminars for the sales team and scheduled onboarding programs for new team members. Your organization likely does everything it can to ensure that your team is fully equipped and prepared to sell. You empower your sales staff.

Unfortunately, no matter how well or often that your sales team is educated or trained, it will never be enough to maximize their effectiveness, alone.

Salespeople are human – and as humans, we are all fallible.

We humans have a limited capacity for retaining knowledge. In this business, there is a lot of knowledge to be retained.

How in-depth does your sales team understand the constantly changing combination of your product offerings?

At a minimum, they would need to know:

  • How many floor plans do you offer.
  • Options per floor plan.
  • Communities that floor plans are available – including lot fits.
  • School districts available in those communities.
  • Available amenities. name a handful.

The varying combination of just these factors alone can be astronomical in size.

So, ask yourself, what salesperson could be expected to effectively remember all of choices and make the best advice to your potential buyers?

Fortunately, technology doesn't have this problem.

Even if there are millions of combinations of offerings, it's a walk-in-the-park for technology.

When implemented appropriately, well-designed software provides an efficient, predictable, and enforceable process that guides sellers and potential homebuyers through the entire (exhaustive) decision-making process. This is not opinionated, this is fact.

Since technology is non-biased, it is capable of separating wants from needs by asking responsible, thought-provoking questions that may ultimately lead to the sale of the right home.

A program designed to sell your company’s product will never stumble or overlook critical factors that influence the decision of your potential customers.

With the right tooling – smart tooling, the entire process becomes more efficient. It creates both trust and confidence.

If you’re interested in exploring how these enhancements will give your company an edge over the competition or you are looking to streamline your sales pipeline using technology, reach out to us.

Let’s workshop your needs and explore the possibilities of what leveraging technology could do for your sales pipeline.

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