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Why Mannacor?

We're driven by conquering what others believe is seemingly impossible. To us, impossibilities are nothing more than challenges, and it’s these challenges that cause us to continue to question how the world works and how we can organize and bring constant improvement to it.

We believe that functional simplicity of complexity is the ultimate achievement. The simpler the solution we can deliver for a seemingly complex problem, the better the solution it is. Unnecessary complexity is the enemy of outstanding engineering and can be the downfall of great ideas.

We know that every solution delivered today will change, and in this change, will need ongoing maintained in the future.

Who is left to maintain it? Us. So, it behooves us to create solutions that are adaptable and maintainable over time.

We recognize patterns of behavior across different roles, modules, algorithms, etc., and look for solutions that can be adapted over time. Change is inevitable. We must put the effort in place today so that tomorrow, we can easily adapt and overcome the next set of problems thrown at us.

We act on patterns. They lead to abstractions and abstractions lead to simplicity. Simplicity is good. It’s maintainable. It gives room for growth.

There are core responsibilities and patterns that take place in every business, every department, and every role. Everyone and everything follow a pattern. If we can identify and harness those patterns are, we can create something substantial that produces meaningful results.

If you have an “impossible” task before you, reach out. We’d love to talk.


Mannacor has quickly become a leader in IT consulting and managed services space. We have the expertise and capabilities to support all size clients, from small and mid-sized organizations to Fortune 500 companies. By providing a diverse offering of technology solutions, Mannacor helps our customers solve their business problems or technology initiatives. Whether you have a small project or operations that require custom software development needs, Mannacor would appreciate the opportunity to partner with your team or company. Where other organizations may have difficulty in delivering a solution or failed to meet your initiatives, Mannacor is particularly equipped to analyze, architect, and implement cost-effective and time-sensitive solutions.